Complex System Reliability Lab

BUAA teachers make the latest research breakthrough in the field of complex network fault

2016-01-19 12:00

On January 19, international cooperation and interdisciplinary cooperation of China Daily gave birth to major scientific research achievements. On January 16, Zhao Jichang, lecturer of Beihang School of economics and management (the first author), Li Daqing, associate professor of School of reliability and systems engineering (the corresponding author) and Shlomo havlin, Professor of Bar Ilan University, Israel, jointly published the latest research results of complex network fault propagation in nature Communications, a sub Journal of nature.

The collapse of transportation system, power system, financial system and other complex network systems is related to the propagation of faults on the network. How to describe and mine the common rules is the key basic problem in the field of network system reliability. Most of the existing researches focus on phase transition analysis and critical conditions, ignoring the dynamic spatiotemporal propagation behavior of network faults. Based on the results of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, the research is carried out by Professor Shlomo havlin of Bar Ilan University of Israel and teachers of Beihang University. It is found that the fault propagation caused by local failure will radiate on the network at a nearly constant speed, and the propagation speed will decrease with the improvement of fault tolerance ability of the system. Their research established the theoretical model of the problem for the first time, and accurately estimated the propagation speed of the fault, which provided theoretical basis and application guidance for the real-time prediction and solution of the actual system fault propagation.

Dr. Zhao Jichang, the first author of this paper, graduated from Beihang University of Computer Science in 2014. His related work in emotional computing and emotional communication has been reported by MIT Technology Review, BBC and other media, and he has published papers on information communication in journals such as journal of computer mediated communication. The corresponding author of this paper, Associate Professor Li Daqing, applied network percolation and critical theory to the analysis of reliability data of transportation and electric power, and published relevant results in PNAS and other famous journals.

The research was supported by the national key basic research and development plan 973 Project (basic theory and empirical research of integrated transportation system in big cities, 2012cb725404) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.