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Reliability analysis method of urban transportation system operation

2021-01-01 03:00


Name:Reliability analysis method of urban transportation system operation


Publisher:Publishing House of Electronics Industry

Author:Daqing Li



Introduction: This book is the collation and summary of the research results of the national "973" plan sub topic "operational reliability and emergency strategy of urban comprehensive transportation system" (2012cb725404). Based on the traffic data of floating cars in Liuliqiao area of Beijing, according to the basic theory of complex network and traffic flow theory, the evaluation index and calculation model suitable for evaluating the state of road network are established. The main research contents include: the structural characteristics and complexity of urban road network, the randomness of urban road network operation, the reliability of urban road network under normal conditions, and the reliability of urban public transport services The main contents of this paper are as follows: 1) Congestion Propagation and dissipation mechanism of urban road network; 2) Traffic Bottleneck Identification Based on road network reliability; 3) Traffic Bottleneck Identification Based on seepage theory; 3) urban road network repair strategy considering the importance of road sections; and 4) simulation platform of urban traffic system operation reliability. "Urban transportation system operation reliability analysis method / frontier research works in the field of intelligent transportation" can provide theoretical support for the construction of comprehensive transportation system with omni-directional, multi-level, large-scale, big data and efficient operation, and can also provide reference for the operation monitoring and emergency management of comprehensive transportation system.